Podcast Hosts have a tough time initially. Learning on the fly what to do or not do. If you want a shortcut through the haze, let's talk.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours

Price:The Initial Consultation is Free



Congratulations on your new venture in podcasting!

If you are just starting out with your podcast, or maybe you are having problems getting referrals to be a part of your podcast, we can help!

Newbies, there is so much for you to do, think about and work on, before, and after, the podcast. 

And we are not even talking about the technical side of editing and equipment advances.

Topics covered across 1-2 hours include, How to be a :  

  • Better presenter
  • Invite people
  • Set the stage for the guests
  • Steer clear of "off limits" items"
  • Help guests not put people to sleep
  • Following up
  • Handle the social media

But it is up to you, how can we help you best?

Use the appointment calendar on the right to book time with us. 

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