We chose the B2B Whisperer moniker because we have been involved in many companies that are almost exclusively in the Business to Business space. Why hide all that experience?

Our work has taken us around the world. We have helped some of the largest businesses with technology, marketing, collaboration, and sales.

For startups and SMB customers, we have focused on their GTM strategy, marketing, pricing, pitch deck presentations, and presentation style.

Recently we have been working with established CEOs and product marketing teams to help them become incrementally better with their pitches and presentations.

Maybe you need some CRO? A simple change to a website could mean increasing your revenue by 25%, as we did for one client.

IT is not always about costs. By fixing one IT configuration, we saved Burger King over 5 million dollars a year.

We have experience working with over 80 customers in Telecommunications, Technology, Mobile, SaaS, Web, Financial, Alcohol & Tobacco, Automotive & Fuel, Government, Military, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical industries, including:

Citibank, Bankers Trust, Bank of America, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ECI Telecom, Intel, Formula 1, Venice Port Authority, Haifa Port Authority, Intel, Utica National Insurance, Ryder, Toyota Financial Services, Lowe’s, Crayola, Hallmark, Bollman Hats, ETQ, Shore Medical Center, Valley Regional Hospital, Portland Pipeline, Burger King, Ernst & Young, WL Gore, Sonera, NATO, US Courts, Burgess Pigment, Truly Nolen, Smartorg, City Furniture, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, RIM, Zimmerman Advertising, Beacon Council of Miami, Echeverria Design, Consumer Health Technologies, King Engineering, Magmall, CRGO Law, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

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