You may lose valuable leads, customers, and money/investors if you are not a compelling speaker. We want to help make your next pitch successful.

  • Category: Business
  • Service Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Price:The Initial Consultation is Free



If you are an executive and don't have a good stage presence, you may be losing out on millions of dollars in investment funding or revenue because people are turned off when they hear you speak. 

Speaker coaching is about working with you, your style, and your mannerisms, to help you be a better speaker than you are today. We have people in the US, UK and Israel that can work with you in person, or online.

We specialize in helping people especially when English is their second language.

The initial consultation is free as both sides can decide if we should move forward.

If we do move forward, this is a 4 hour offering where we will do the following:

1st session is about you and understanding your goals and which issues you want to address.

2nd session includes advice provided in between sessions, but now put to a live test, to change some things so you are still comfortable speaking, but including the new aspects.

3rd session with more adjustments and homework, walk through a short session and focus on what is not working. May alternatively be a critique of a real presentation.

4th session pulls everything together and provides retention methods.