What is CRO?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and is commonly related to websites, social media marketing, and sales aspects. 

CRO helps you test what works better to increase sales and leads.

Every website, every customer will be different in what works for them and their users. 

Colors, shapes, sizes, verbiage, size, and font all matter and can be totally, drastically different in each situation.

Is Everything Doing What it Should?

Big and Small Aspects Create Your Masterpiece

You have your website; you have your social media posts; you have your content being produced.

And nothing changes.

Why are you not seeing sales increase? Where are the leads?

If location is everything for a restaurant or store, what does your website need?

On the Internet, looks and text are (almost) everything. 

Failing at the port of entry is the most common item CRO prevents.

We start with open discussions between you and your teams to better understand your company and how you want customers to see you.

We then move on to our State of Repair Report.

The report includes our reviews of basic items (overall text feeling, layouts, contrasting colors, appropriateness of graphics) and some unique items (testing CTAs, link verifications, searches, public information).

The State of Repair Report becomes our blueprint for the items that need to be addressed, from easy fixes (typos) to complex (a/b/n testing)

Whether we fix everything for you or with your teams is entirely up to you.

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